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Clive is an independent special education needs advisor and advocate. He has drawn experience whilst specialising in visual impairment, multiple disability and autism.


During his career Clive has developed expertise whilst working within,

  • Two hospital based Child Development Centres
  • An independent day and residential special school working with children and young people 11 – 19 with a visual impairment and other disabilities
  • An independent and day residential special further education college working with young people and adults 16 – 25 + with a visual impairment and other disabilities
  • Two Social Services Children with Disabilities Teams
  • A Social Services Rehabilitation Team
  • A local authority peripatetic visual impairment team working with children and young people 0 – 19
  • A national charity supporting children, young people visually impaired and their families

Clive has been,

  • A Trustee of a national charity supporting children and young people with a visual impairment and their families
  • Advisor to a Belgium based charity which supports visually impaired young people, some with other disabilities too


Clive’s degree is in autism, Diploma in Rehabilitation (Visual Impairment) whilst also being a qualified social worker and teacher. His hobbies include cooking and motorbikes.

Experience and attitude

Over a number of years and particularly as an independent advisor and advocate Clive has stood side by side with children, young people and their families. Yes, this has sometimes meant representing at SEND Tribunals and local authority mediation hearings but also, in fact most of the time, it has involved working straightforwardly and independently to encourage the statutory services to better meet need and thereby avoid mediation or arbitration.

Information – valuable, thought provoking and sometimes entertaining

It has become apparent that need in many instances is not being met. Children and young people are not reaching their potential. Therefore, if you don’t address it who will? To help challenge this shortfall Clive has written a number of books to help you address the situation. Now, you can either do-it-yourself or, ‘encourage’ others to do a better job. The power is in your hands. Click the link to shop and engage

Photograph of Clive Mathews.

Clive Matthews

B Phil, Dip Rehab, Dip SW, Cert Ed
Special Education Needs Advisor and Advocate

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