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Please use the contact form below to contact Families and SEN. Set out briefly the issues you want to discuss with your contact details and I will get back to you:

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The Service

Reassurance about the present and hope for the future

After a free introductory conversation, Families and SEN can consider your options, devise a strategy and a clear way forward and then begin addressing any difficulties you are experiencing.

To ensure there is a clear focus on children, young people and the family Families and SEN offer the following:

  • An assessment of your child’s or young person’s special education needs with recommendations to identify appropriate support
  • An assessment of, and advise about, your child’s or young person’s school or college
  • Advice about,

a. A suitable nursery, school or college, whether mainstream, special, residential or independent provider and then support to secure a place

b. Suitable specialist provision required in a school, college, university or place of employment

c. Transition from home to preschool, school to college, university, training or employment

d. Maximizing participation in society

  • Undertake a comprehensive assessment of,

a. Mobility and orientation requirements and then provide if requested information and a programme to develop skills

b. Independent living skills and then provide if requested information and a programme to develop skills

c. Employability skills and provide if requested information and a programme to develop skills

  • Advise non specialist professionals about the functional impact of visual impairment and other disabilities
  • Attend school and local authority meetings
  • Liaison with professionals on your behalf
  • Advise about your ‘Local Offer’
  • Analysis and then advise about the content of a Statement of Health and Care Plan
  • Attend the annual review of a Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan
  • When negotiating and focusing on resolving disputes locally and amicably, I can advise and support to compile a case for a SEND mediation or arbitration hearing.
  • Compile a case for, and represent you at, an appeal

The service also offers a range of books and information sheets designed to address unmet need. Email via the 'Contact' Box to find out more.

If you feel isolated, in need of professional support and information see what Families and Special Educational Needs can offer.

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