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See our Bullet Point Newsletter - Including features such as: Disability Living Allowance, A Close-Up on Curriculum, Employment and Employability and Something for Teaching Assistants (Home Tuition)


Welcome to our news page. In this section we will be posting regular information updates. 

Be sure to look back here soon to find out the latest information from Families & Special Education Needs.

Over the coming months Bullet Point will be offering you a series of magazines. These will be designed to help meet your visually impaired child’s needs. We will offer practical solutions on everyday issues to help a child or young person develop the skills we all need to live a full and independent life. For this reason we did think about calling the magazine.



  • Development During Preschool Years
  • An Eye Condition in Everyday Life
  • Other Disabilities, Syndromes and Conditions
  • More than One Disability
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Do-It-Yourself Education Advocacy
  • A Close-Up on Curriculum
  • Independent Travel Techniques
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Recipes for Beginners and Experts
  • Employment and Employability
  • Something for Teaching Assistants (Home Tuition)
  • Underpinning Issues
  • News and Events
  • Letters
  • Next time

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