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Experience and Expertise

Challenging disability

During my career I have gathered experience whilst working within:

  • Two hospital based Child Development Centres
  • An independent day and residential special school working with children and young people 11 – 19 with a visual impairment and other disabilities
  • An independent and day residential special further education college working with young people and adults 16 – 25 + with a visual impairment and other disabilities
  • Two Social Services Children with Disabilities Teams
  • A Social Services Rehabilitation Team
  • A Local Authority Peripatetic Children’s Visual Impairment Team working with children and young people 0 – 19

I have also been,

  • A Trustee of a national charity supporting children with a visual impairment and families
  • Advisor to a Belgium based charity which supports visually impaired young people, some with other disabilities too

Over the past several years, as an Education Advisor and Advocate, I have worked with more than 351 families.

If you feel isolated, in need of professional support and information see what Families and Special Educational Needs can offer.

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