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Bullet Point Issue 6 now available featuring topics such as development during pre-school years, visual impairment and other disabilities, click here to find out more.

Addressing Unmet Need

Currently, and over the past several years there has been a reduction in provision to meet the needs of learners with a disabiliy. Consequently, a number of books have now been written in order to provide information and address unmet need.
The material is presented in an accessible and sometimes entertaining way whilst avoiding huge blocks of text. It is designed primarily for parents and teaching assistants although two of the books are aimed, via decluttered text at young people


Finding, Securing and Maintaining Employment
Visual Impairment and Other Disabilities



Recipes and Cooking Techniques
Visual Impairment and Other Disabilities

At the end of a busy day a reader can now open a book, read a short stand-alone section, put it down and return later. It is now unnecessary to plough through great chunks of text to extract valuable information.

If you feel isolated and in need of professional support and information see what Families and Special Educational Needs can offer.

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