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Please use the contact form below to contact Families and SEN. Set out briefly the issues you want to discuss with your contact details and I will get back to you:

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Caring for our children; caring for ourselves

If you feel isolated, in need of professional support and information see what Families and SEN can offer

Independent family centred support

Over the past 7 years as a Special Educational Needs Advisor and Advocate I have worked with more than 351 families

Reassurance about the present and hope for the future

After a free introductory conversation, Families and SEN can devise a strategy and a clear way forward to begin addressing any difficulties you, your child or young person is experiencing

Knowledge - the great equaliser

The service has accumulated a vast amount of information for you to draw upon when hiring Families and Special Educational Needs. Only a fraction of which appears on the site

Photograph of Clive Mathews.

Clive Matthews

B Phil, Dip Rehab, Dip SW, Cert Ed
Special Education Needs Advisor and Advocate

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