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Please use the contact form below to contact Families and SEN. Set out briefly the issues you want to discuss with your contact details and I will get back to you:

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Bullet Point Issue 6 now available featuring topics such as development during pre-school years, visual impairment and other disabilities, click here to find out more.

Caring for our children; caring for ourselves

If you feel isolated, in need of professional support and information see what Families and SEN can offer

Independent family centred support

Over the past several years as a Special Educational Needs Advisor and Advocate I have worked with more than 351 families

Reassurance about the present and hope for the future

After a free introductory conversation, Families and SEN can devise a strategy and a clear way forward to begin addressing any difficulties you, your child or young person is experiencing

Knowledge - the great equaliser

The service has accumulated a vast amount of information for you to draw upon when hiring Families and Special Educational Needs. Only a fraction of which appears on the site

Photograph of Clive Mathews.

Clive Matthews

B Phil, Dip Rehab, Dip SW, Cert Ed
Special Education Needs Advisor and Advocate

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